Substrate based on a mixture of fine blonde peat, black peat, Cocopeat® coconut fibre and perlite. It is a substrate that has great physical stability when transported. In addition, the mixture of black peat and coconut fibre provides a perfect balance for drainage.

The proportion of special blonde SOD peat provides nutrients to the substrate, which allow roots to be established properly. The perlite also provides the necessary aeration of the growth medium. This substrate is, therefore, perfect for plants that, like the blueberry plant, require an acidic pH soil level. The optimum range is between 4.5 and 5.5.

The Western Cape accounts for at least 60% of total production in South Africa, followed by Limpopo and the North West. Gauteng, the Eastern Cape, Free State and Mpumalanga also produce small volumes. About 25% of production takes place in open fields, while 61% is produced under shade nets and 14% in tunnels. It is a high-value crop, so most of it is produced under protection to ensure high volumes of excellent quality fruit.


Check out this amazing footage of one of our clients on Projar Sustraberry Premium in the Western Cape:

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