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A Crisis Far Bigger than Eskom

by Acqua Dall ‘Aria  The National Water and Sanitation Master Plan is sombre reading.  Vast stretches of the Northern, Eastern and Western Cape are still experiencing severe drought conditions. The taps are drying up.  Eskom’s debt mountain – R419 billion and growing – is a significant threat to the country’s fiscal strength. Some would argue that it is the single…


PUB (Singapore National Water Agency)(2011) “NEWater: History”

History The evolution of NEWater has spanned over a period of three decades although it may sound like an overnight success for Singapore. How It Started Singapore’s first water masterplan was drawn up in 1972. In 1974, PUB built a pilot plant, which was a precursor of today’s NEWater Factory, to turn treated used water into drinking water. However, we…