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Introducing Harte Peat

We have been providing quality mushroom casing soil for worldwide clients in the mushroom growing industry.
The company was founded in 1987 by Tommy and Kay O’Harte.

Harte Peat have been running their own peat bogs which adhere to the Mushroom Casing Standards provided by Bord Bia. We are regularly audited by Bord Bia. Our Peat Extraction Process is in line with strict environmental and industry best practice directives.

With a fully integrated automated production facility, Harte Peat has control over the entire process from the raw material stage to the bagging and packing of the final product. This allows Harte Peat to exercise strict and exacting standards on production quality and costs
Lichen is the exclusive supplier of Harte Peat in Africa, supplying more than 80% of the mushroom industry volume. Being a dominant and trusted supplier is a valuable position to endorse the other Lichen growing medium brands as a trusted supplier for new clients.

Harte Peat Ireland has been producing casing for the worldwide market for over 20 years. The success of our business has been built on meeting our customers’ expectations in relation to product quality, mix quality and freedom from disease.
Whatever your growing system, Harte Peat can provide casing to meet your requirements.

We supply 2 different bag sizes. Bags are shipped in 20ft 6-meter containers and Harte Peat SA take care of all of the logistics of shipping.


Casing Soils

Harte Peat Mushroom Casing Soil is made up of a blend of wet and dry Black Peat, wet or dry Brown Sphagnum peat and either Limestone Flour or Spent Sugar Beet Lime (SSBL), or a blend of both, to adjust pH above 7.0.

• 70% wet dug black peat
• 25-30% milled peat (dry peat)
• 10% sugar beet lime.

50 Liter Bag

50L bags 1050 Bags in a 6-metre container. Weight: ±23kg per bag. 

The mushroom casing in a 50-litre bag is made up as follows: 

• 70% wet dug black peat
• 25-30% milled peat (dry peat)
• 10% sugar beet lime.

Big Bag

2,5m³ bags 20 bags in a 6-meter per container. Weight ±1250kg per bag.

The mushroom casing in a 2.5m³ bag as per order is made up as follows:

• 100% wet dug black peat
• 10% sugar beet lime

Harte Peat owns and controls their own material resource to minimise the possibility of disease or tramp materials from getting into the mix. Peat to be used in the mix is only extracted as it is required to meet customer needs.

Following extraction, the raw peat is then transported to our production facility in Clones. The peat is then mixed to order as different customers have different requirements. The peat is mixed with Spent Sugar Beet Lime which has been weathered and stored for more than 2 years and also heat treated.

Each batch of casing soil is tested in an independent and approved laboratory for Salmonella, E-Coli and Listeria sp. before it is dispatched for use.

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