Mushroom Supplements


ChampFood products can be characterised as:

    • An all natural supplement
    • An extended-release protein and amino acid compost additive
    • Improved sterility through special treatment
    • Causes no rise in temperature beyond problematic levels
    • Scientifically produced and permanently adjusted to the latest technology

    ChampFood products are composed of denatured soybean meal, other protein sources, lipids and minerals. During the production process, the protein in the raw materials is protected with a coating to provide a delayed nutrient release. This coating also prevents competitive moulds from using easily available nutrients.

    ChampFood International provides a wide range of supplements with a variety of protein and mineral levels. Even rich compost does not contain the amounts and types of protein (amino acids) needed for a maximum production, ChampFood products optimise the protein level, while minerals are a requirement to establish mycelium growth and fruit body formation.

    ChampFood VA – 40% protein (vegetable and animal proteins)
    ChampFood V – 44% protein (vegetable proteins)
    ChampFood V – 42% protein (vegetable proteins)

    Results of using Champfood

    An optimal nutritional balance and the extended release of nutrients (energy, proteins and minerals) will result in:

    • Improved mushroom quality
      Mushroom caps that remain closed longer
    • Improved mushroom density because of the higher dry matter content
    • A whiter mushroom colour
    • Longer mushroom shelf-life
    • Using ChampFood products will increase your mushroom yield by 10- 30%.


    ChampFood is a compound product consisting of protein rich ingredients. ChampFood’s nutritional values meet the needs of mushrooms. ChampFood increases mushroom production and enhances mushroom quality. 


    ChampFood products are to be added to compost and are suitable for phase II and phase III compost. ChampFood is a slow-release supplement. The dose rate of ChampFood for phase 2 compost is between 0.7%-1.0% per ton wet weight of compost. For phase 3 compost is the dose rate of ChampFood between 1.0%-2.0% per ton wet weight compost.

    Contact one of our representative to discuss the optimal dose rate of ChampFood for your type of compost. Apply the correct dose of ChampFood and mix homogeneously through the compost. ChampFood is not intended for human and animal consumption.

    Shelf life & Storage

    ChampFood is best used within 6 months after the date of manufacture and must be stored in a clean and dry place, at a temperature below 40 degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight.

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