DiskProtect Weed Control

DiskProtect Weed Control

Protecting the substrate is very important for crops with a longer vegetation cycle, as unwanted grasses can grow on the substrate base over time, which would damage the crop. Research suggests that South African farmers spend an estimate of +- R40 000 / hectare annually on weed control. When weeds are removed by hand by farm labourers, growing media is spilled on the ground and accounts for more costs to the farmer.

It is a 100% natural protector, made of recyclable coconut fibre. The coconut fibre is treated with 100% natural rubber, sprayed to help maintain the disc’s shape. Unlike other protectors with the same use, it has enough consistency to protect properly, preventing evapotranspiration, but allowing ventilation.

Suitable for

Cultivation of blueberry plants in pots.


Place in the pot, on the substrate, passing the stem of the plant through the disc. Protects the plant from weeds and prevents evapotranspiration of the substrate.

Available Sizes

20cm, 23cm, 25cm, 30cm, 33cm, 36cm, 43cm


Boxes (units per box according to elected size).

Weed control in blueberry crops can increase yields by up to 56%


Performing weed control, even with systems that don’t include herbicides (such as rice straw, sawdust, or anti-weed meshes) can increase fruit yields in blueberry plants by up to 56.6%.

Tests carried out over several years in Chilean blueberry producing areas show significant increases in fruit yield in high-density blueberry fields by comparing manual weeding, every 3 weeks, with the uncontrolled control group, stated Engineer Alvaro Villalba, the Director of Horticulture at Projar.

While the use of rice straw and manual control helped to obtain good yields, the increase in yields in the tests was lower than that produced by some herbicides and systems based on anti-weed meshes, which are a clear alternative to the use of chemical products as they were very effective, even though -in some cases – producers need to complement them with manual weeding around the plants’ base, Villalba said.

The Projar Group consists of several companies in the green sector. You can find information about products and solutions for plant producers and landscaping companies. We are a group of companies that can summarise your activities: manufacture of substrates, distribution of horticultural products and gardening and environmental restoration, and environmental services and advanced solutions. We have factories substrates in Spain, India and Sri Lanka.

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