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The definition or meaning of Lichen: Lichen is a composite organism that arises from algae or cyanobacteria living among filaments of multiple fungi in a symbiotic relationship. Symbiotic relationships are a special type of interaction between species. Sometimes beneficial, sometimes harmful, these relationships are essential to many organisms and ecosystems, and they provide a balance that can only be achieved by working together.

The Lichen Group has a saying: “The client is the profit, Lichen is the overhead-how can we help or serve you?”


“Let’s work together symbiotically for mutual gain”.

We look forward to growing mutually with our clients in the mushroom, horticulture, agriculture,
hydroponics, berry farm’s-and related growing market sectors.

Meet The Team

Dave Marock

Dave Marock

Managing Director of Lichen Group




Kunaal Mehta

Director of Lichen Group



Harish Mehta

Harish Mehta

Executive Chairman and CEO of Clearwater Capital

Our Story

Follow Lichen Group’s journey from humble beginnings to where we are now.


Start Kärcher

Dave Marock starts selling Kärcher.


Progression Nuclear Vacuums

Dave Marock supplies Nuclear vacuums to Koeberg via Sorma.
Starts Hazmat journey.


Founded DCS Kärcher & Sorma WC

Design Cleaning Systems-DCS Kärcher and Sorma Western Cape formed.


Acquisition SpillSorb Agency SA

SpillSorb Agency SA acquires Design Cleaning Systems-DCS Kärcher and Sorma Western Cape, supplying Dried Sphagnum Peat, purchased via an agent, for the Hazmat industry to deal with Hydrocarbon and Chemical spill clean-ups.


Acquisition & Founded Servest Ltd

Servest Ltd acquires DCS Kärcher -Sorma- Vac Air-Numatic-3M and SpillSorb nationally.
Under Servest Ltd, 24 Hour Spill Response and Waste Care is established.
Dave Marock is MD of the cleaning division Kärcher -Sorma 3M MD, SpillSorb, Waste Care and the hazmat division being SpillSorb and 24 Hour Spill Response.


Acquisition & Founded Servest Ltd & Marhal cc

Servest Ltd delists and sells Waste Care to Wasteman.
Marhal cc t/a SHEQPlus is established on 6th November 2002.
Marhal purchases back SpillSorb SA and 24 Hour Spill Response.


Merger SpillSorb & 24h Spill Response

2005/2006 Zero Harte Peat Sales. View Document
Marhal trades as SHEQPlus and merges the SpillSorb and 24 Hour Spill Response entities into a new group called Earthwize Environmental Group. Marock introduces Mathews Phosa to Earthwize Group, who becomes a shareholder. Earthwize secures SunGro agency and starts supplying SunGro Peat to the mushroom industry under trade name Echo Horticulture.


Progression Earthwize

Earthwize secures Harte Peat Ireland Agency (one of only 3 wet dug black peat suppliers worldwide) in response to demand for wet dug black peat from the mushroom industry.


Progression JF McKenna

Start selling JF McKenna products. Start selling Harte Peat in SA.


Signing Irish Agreement in SA 14 January 2008

From from left: Dave Marock, Echo Business Solutions; Thomas O Harte, Harte Peat Ltd; Sharon Julian, Echo Business Solutions.
Back from left: Philip Robinson, Echo Business Solutions; Minister Michael Martin; Frank Fahy, CEO. Read More


Acquisition Marhal

Marhal takes over the brands Harte Peat, Sun Gro, and Echo Horticulture from Earthwize. Millway Trade and Invest starts trading in November 2008.


Founded The Lichen Group

Lichen Group is established as a B-BBEE group with Clearwater Capital (Pty) Ltd and supplies more than 80% of the South African Mushroom industries' Peat with a comprehensive range of products and services.


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Accounts: +27 82 446 3301
Operations: +27 82 304 0338



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