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“Let’s work together symbiotically for mutual gain”.

Who we are

The definition or meaning of Lichen: Lichen is a composite organism that arises from algae or cyanobacteria living among filaments of multiple fungi in a symbiotic relationship. Symbiotic relationships are a special type of interaction between species. Sometimes beneficial, sometimes harmful, these relationships are essential to many organisms and ecosystems, and they provide a balance that can only be achieved by working together.

The Lichen Group has a saying: “The client is the profit, Lichen is the overhead-how can we help or serve you?”

We look forward to growing mutually with our clients in the mushroom, horticulture, agriculture, hydroponics, berry farm’s-and related growing market sectors.

Our Team

Dave Marock

Dave Marock

Founder of Lichen Growing Mediums

Kunaal Mehta

Kunaal Mehta

Chief Executive Operator

Harish Mehta

Harish Mehta

Executive Chairman and CEO of Clearwater Capital

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Our expert team is ready to lead your project to success.

2 Audas Street, Somerset West

Accounts: +27 82 446 3301
Operations: +27 82 304 0338
Technical Sales: +27-67-418-3686 / +27-79-507-9556


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