Coco Peat 5kg Block

Golden Grow Medium 


This growing media comes from the mesocarp of the coconut and is intended for hydroponics and/or substrate. Homogeneous product that enables higher yield (liters per kilogram expanded) with a guaranteed quality. This product is available in blocks.


Coco peat finest particles can be used in their pure form or blended with other substrates for hydroponic purposes: Cannabis, vegetables Landscaping: coco peat is 100% natural, totally organic and a removable source, eco-friendly.


  • Coco peat has a high water holding capacity (eight times its weight) combined with high
  • porosity (95%) allows an excellent root aeration oxygenation, producing more functional
  • roots therefore improving plant nutrition and healthier plants.
  • Excellent re-wetting.
  • Light weight, easy handling.
  • Homogenous and stable structure; long lasting, superior to peat.
  • Totally organic, 100% natural, renewable source.
  • pH slightly acid: 5,5-6,5, suitable for most plants species.
  • Lightweight material ideal for reducing transport costs.

Technical Data

Composition Cocopeat (5-10% Fiber)
Structure Cocopeat: 0-4 mm. Fiber: 10-20 mm
Electric Conductivity



1:1,5 v/v)


1:1,5 v/v)


1:1,5 v/v)


(Saturated Paste)


(Saturated Paste)


(Saturated Paste)

pH 5,5-6,2 (Sonneveld 1:1,5 v/v)
Product Compressed Dimensions  Weight Units per pallet  Container Capacity (approx)  Bulk loading (approx)   Yield (L/Kg) UNE EN: 12580 
Block 5Kg 28x28x15 5 ± 0,5 kg 240 4.800 5.200 15±1
Brick 650g   20x10x5   650 ± 50g  1800  36.000      14±1 

Packing: Palletised, wrapped with stretch film and strapping for greater stability.
Container Net Weight Palletized: 23-24 Ton / Bulk: 25,5-26,5Ton.


  • Apply water to achieve the properly expansion, bring the moisture up to 60-65% for maximum performance.
  • Store in a cool dry place.

The Projar Group consists of several companies in the green sector. You can find information about products and solutions for plant producers and landscaping companies. We are a group of companies that can summarise your activities: manufacture of substrates, distribution of horticultural products and gardening and environmental restoration, and environmental services and advanced solutions. We have factories substrates in Spain, India and Sri Lanka.

Buffering Coco Peat

Buffering of coconut fiber is a chemical process consisting of replacing sodium and potassium with calcium, washing away excess waste.

The recommended buffering ratio is: 1,000 litres of water mixed with 7 kg of Calcium Nitrate will buffer 5 Cubic Meters of coco peat.


How do I buffer coco peat?

A very simple method is to use a bunker (wash bay) system to buffer the coco peat.
It can be done in lots of 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 or 150 cubic meters at a time – depending on the size of your wash bay.

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