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Berrypot Blueberry


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Specially designed pots for the hydroponic cultivation of blueberry plants and blackberry plants. They are designed for proper drainage. The side and bottom drainage ensures optimum aeration and drainage throughout the growing period. Made of Polyethylene (PE), they offer flexibility and strength. Drainage holes are made to facilitate drainage for the blueberry plant, which is especially sensitive to excess moisture.



Fill with Projar Sustraberry Blueberry Premium substrate and plant. 

Berrypot 20

Diameter: 34.5 cm
Height: 27.5 cm
Volume: 20 litres
Units/Pallet: 765
Units/Trailer: 19,890
Units/40′ HC: 18,360

Berrypot 25

Diameter: 38 cm
Height: 28.5 cm
Volume: 25 litres
Units/Pallet: 744
Units/Trailer: 19,344
Units/40′ HC: 17,856

Berrypot 35

Diameter: 43.5 cm
Height: 30.4 cm
Volume: 35 litres
Units/Pallet: 480
Units/Trailer: 12,000
Units/40′ HC: 10,560

Berrypot 40

Diameter: 45.5 cm
Height: 33.5 cm
Volume: 40 litres
Units/Pallet: 480
Units/Trailer: 12,000
Units/40′ HC: 10,560

Airplus Crop Holder Lifter



Robust and resistant thanks to the material with which it is made and its UV treatment. It allows greater air flow around the base of the holder and allows increased luminosity, which, in the drainage area, leads to self-induced root pruning. Improves drainage. Its light weight makes it easy to handle when in use. Avoid dead areas in the centre of the root ball, common when paving stones or bricks are used. They are stackable pieces, which allows for better storage when they are not being used.



Lifts an Easyplanter (individual coconut bags) or pots for growing berries.

Suitable for EasyPlanter 30x30x30 or Berrypot 40


Technical Features

  • Material PE (polyethylene)
  • Diameter 36 cm
  • Square 30 x 30 cm
  • Height 6 cm
  • Packaging. Pallets of 1,134 units
  • Logistics 22,680 units per 40′ HC
  • Strength 30 kg

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