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Mushroom Compost

There are many processes involved before our mushrooms arrive on the supermarket shelves. We believe that goodness in, equals goodness out—that the mushrooms we grow are only as good as the substrate they’re grown from.


Portabellini & Bocconcini Flatbread

Ingredients (For 2) Flatbreads 2 homemade / store bought flatbreads 500 g Portabellini mushrooms 1 large white onion, diced Fresh thyme sprigs Olive oil for frying Salt and pepper 150 g Bocconcini mozzarella Sundried tomatoes Fresh baby herbs and leaves For the pesto 1 clove garlic 1 tsp sea salt 40 g fresh basil leaves 40 g fresh rocket 30…

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Growing Mushrooms – The Basics Of What You Need To Know

Whilst most of the world’s mushroom supply comes from commercial mushroom farms, growing mushrooms is not as simple as many people believe. In fact, mushroom growing is one of the most technologically advanced and sophisticated agricultural industries in the world. Commercial mushroom production costs are high and require extensive capital investment. Whether you grow on small scale as a hobby;…


Why Men Need Mushrooms

Even though research continues to indicate that nutrient-rich, delicious mushrooms are potential allies in the fight against obesity, heart attacks and prostate cancer, three of the major health risks for men, they don’t always get the respect they deserve.