Coco Coir Easyplanter


GoldenGrow Easyplanter

Supplier: Projar

Hydroponic EasyPlanter

Available Sizes: 12L / 27L / 40L

Golden Grow Hydroponics EasyPlanter is an individual format that reduces the risk of pathogen contamination from one plant to another through the growing medium.

It is mainly used for protected hydroponic growing in greenhouses and is very easy to use.

High-quality coconut fibre in ready-to use individual packaging. Composed of Projar’s Golden Grow Hydroponics Premium coconut blend.

Facilitates crop management, pH control and electrical conductivity. The bag is an 500 gauge white plastic bag with a black interior and has a 3-year warranty plus a high number of drainage points to facilitate moisture control.


  • Ready-to-use growing medium.
    Different particle sizes depending on crop and watering needs.
    Better control of pH, hydration and humidity.
  • Growing medium with the ideal conditions for optimal plant development and production.
  • Format adaptable to the farming technique.
  • Increases planting density.

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