European Sphagnum Peat Impress Block

Peat Press Block for Growing Seedlings

Blocking peat is used by a large number of young plant propagators to produce press blocks for raising flowers or vegetable seeds. This product ensures a substantially higher air content and guarantees good shape retention during the formation of the blocks. The product is suitable for all press-block machinery used by young plant propagators.




 Deep dug black peat (0-10mm) / 40% surfaced milled peat

1.50  kg/cbm PG Mix (14/10/18) 
0.25  kg/cbm PG Micro mix (Trace Elements)
++  Wetting Agent
6.00  pH (H2O)

Wetting of Peat Substrate:

The first essential step before pressing is wetting of the substrate. 78% Moisture content is a good average.


Wetting of Peat Substrate.

Processing Impress Block 3×3 size.

Farm with lettuce seedling 3×3 block.

Laying 3×3 lettuce seedlings into soil.

Benefits of Using European Sphagnum Peat Press Blocks


Peat press block functions as both the container and the substrate for starting and growing seedlings, this reduces the need for plastic growing pots.

Seedlings develop a stronger root system. More oxygen is distributed to the roots since the growing medium is not contained. Roots are also “air-pruned” once they reach the edge of the block. This means that they stop growing rather than winding themselves around the plastic pot seeking nutrients.

Transplants establish more quickly. Since there is less disruption to the roots, the seedlings are less prone to transplant shock.

Peat-blocking further eliminates the expense, waste and storage issues associated with plastic pots.


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