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The Lichen Group is the leading supplier of substrate solutions in South Africa. Discover how we can help you achieve better performance and better returns with our best-in-class products.

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Better products, better performance, better return.

With an unrelenting focus on providing the optimal solution for every grower’s unique conditions, Lichen’s technical teams works with growers to understand what solution is best suited to achieve the best plant performance that ultimately drive the best returns for each grower.

By partnering with the leading substrate producers from around the world, Lichen is able to combine its technical

knowledge and local understanding with best-in-class producers to create products that meet the exacting needs of local growers. In addition to our ability to create custom solutions, our extensive experience has enabled us to develop a range of standardised products that are optimised for crop and condition specific production.

We invite you to discover what our high-performance substrates can do for your operation.


With our world class manufacturing facilities we are able to offer growers consistent, high-quality coir that can improve your farm outcomes and provide peace of mind while providing customisation capabilities to align to your farm management practices.

Horticultural Peat

Through Lichen’s partnership with Compaqpeat, growers can now access sustainably harvested peat-based substrates from one of the leading producers globally.

Mushroom Casing

We have been providing quality mushroom casing soil for worldwide clients in the mushroom growing industry.
The company was founded in 1987 by Tommy and Kay O’Harte.


Lichen’s unrelenting focus on supply chain efficiency delivers peace of mind that your products will be delivered on time, at the lowest cost possible.

Crop Solutions

Ornamental Flowers

Coir Products

Supplier: Projar

Hydroponics Grow Slab

Hydroponics EasyPlanter

Coir Block I Superfine

Coir Block I Medium Mix

Coir Block I Medium Coarse Mix

Coir Block I Medium Extra Coarse Mix

Sustraberry Blueberry Premium

Cannabis Pro Perlite Supreme

Proberries Premium

Horticultural Peat Products

Supplier: Compaqpeat

802 QTS 3 Propagation Plus

803 QTS 3 Propagation with Perlite
Fine 0-10

805 QTS 3 Propagation
Extra Fine 0-5

703 QTS 2 Potting with EcoFibri®
Medium Coarse 0-30

703 QTS 2 Potting with EcoFibri® + Clay
Medium Coarse 0-30

QTS 7-12 I Fine 0-12
Fine 0-12mm

QTS 7-20 I Fine / Medium
Fine 0-20mm

201 QTS 3 aecoQcube
Fine 0-10

607 QTS 3 Organic aecoQcube
Fine 0-10

Sphagnum Peat Moss

Supplier: Harte Peat

Irish Sphagnum Peat Moss

Plant Fasteners

Smart and innovative fastening solutions for growers.

Greenhouse clips, greenhouse hooks, greenhouse supports, tree fastener for peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.Plant base support hooks. Branch support hook and fasteners.

Maximum control with optimised economics.

Our production processes ensures in-field results, while our supply chain management ensures growers access the most effective and efficient solutions available.


Irish sphagnum peat moss growing mediums
mushroom shelving equipment growing mediums

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