Projar Golden Grow Easy Planter is an excellent growing medium consisting of coco peat. Lichen Group is now the proud distributor for this amazing growing medium in Africa.

Here are some images from the Madikwe Berry farm.

You may ask why you should use coco peat as a growing medium, and specifically why the South African farmer should choose our Coco Peat or coir as it is sometimes referred to. Firstly some of the benefits of using Coco Peat as a growing medium are:

  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Economical and cost effective growing medium;
  • Longer lasting than other growing mediums;
  • Remarkable re-wetability in comparisons to other growing mediums;
  • Ability to retain water results in water preservation;
  • Early root development which is a result of coir’s ability to achieve an optimal air-water-ratio

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