In the summer of 2015, Pedro Torres Plaza founded Horticultorres S. de R.L. de C.V., a new company active in the field providing horticultural supplies and consulting to the Mexican greenhouse industry. Before the start of Horticultorres, Torres, an entrepreneur, realized early on that horticulture was his passion. After graduating from ITESM, campus Queretaro as an Agronomist, he gained experience in the horticulture field as a representative for several leading Dutch companies active on the Mexican market. “Now that I have my own business, I can combine my experience from previous jobs with the experience gained in my own greenhouse”, Torres said.

Horticultorres supplies a variety of horticultural goods, but currently specializes in the distribution of propagation materials and equipment along with growing substrates.

Torres promotes FibreDust coir substrates among Mexican greenhouse growers and has been instrumental both developing and introducing FibreDust’s new greenhouse slab products to the Mexican ag market. He explained that the FibreDust grow slabs have been developed in special mixes, tailored to specific crops and growing habits. “We have been developing these blends with growers, and together with them have defined the following products: ‘True’ a blend with a high ratio of coco peat dust, ‘Action’ a coarser coir blend with more coco chips blended with coco peat, and  the ‘Super Chip’ blend with maximum coco chips. “In addition a product was created just for strawberry growers, the Berry Blend.

SuperChip Grow Slabs

superchip-cutaway-rootSuperchip-tomato houseFibreDust’s SuperChip Grow Slabs are proving very popular in Mexico’s pepper houses.  This highly aerated blend is heavy on chips for max oxygenation and massive root structure. First crops grown in SuperChip Grow Slabs are under harvest right now and returning great numbers. SuperChip Grow Slabs are also being used for tomato cultivation.  Any high tech hydro environment is perfect for The chunky fast draining SuperChip blend. Superchips are available in 100X15X12 cm slabs  Custom sizes available at minimum order quantities.

Berry Blend Grow Slabs

Berry Blend Strawberry Grow BagsHorticultorres is also seeing great development in the Mexican berry industry. “The acreage with protected berry cultivation increases every year, therefore FibreDust has  developed a special grow bag for this industry: BerryBlend. We expect a lot from this grow bag and this industry in the coming years, the potential for this sector is huge.”

FibreDust Berry Blend Grow Slabs were produced with the growing demands of the strawberry plant in mind, containing a precise formula of coir pith and fiber, to  coco husk chips, to give strawberries just what they need to thrive in a greenhouse environment.   In Mexico, many strawberries are field grown in the open or with tunnels, but more and more growers are finding an advantage in controlled environment greenhouse growing. Not only does it reduce pests,and allow precise feeding,  it also allows bench high setting of the slabs. Bench high strawberry production  makes both plant setting and harvesting worker friendly.

True Blue

Fibredust’s new True Blue blend is a mix formulated specially for blueberry growers. It is a loose mix of all components that Blueberries love. First shipments of  Fibredust’sTrue Blue for Blueberries True Blue are becoming available right now in the Mexican marketplace.

Ellepot Systems

“We are the official Mexican partner for Blackmore-Ellepot U.S.A, the American based company specializing in the Ellepot systems. Thanks to this partnership, Mexican growers and propagators now have full access to the complete line up of Blackmore’s propagation trays and systems as well as the full line up of Ellepot machines and the Blackmore precision seeder program.”

According to Torres, there is high demand in the Mexican propagation and nursery industry. “Among our customers are propagation nurseries that produce starting material for vegetable growers, nurseries as well as banana, agave and even coffee plantations. This is a huge industry challenged by problems, solved by Ellepot machines and Blackmore seeding and plug solutions.”

Fibredust is proud to be aligned with Pedro in Mexico!  He’s a vibrant young man with many ideas to help the growers in his country. He’s sure to be a shaper of the future of agriculture in  Mexico..

Pedro Torres has a warehouse and greenhouse operation in his hometown of Queretaro, the area where he grew up. “I have been running my own greenhouse operation for many years together with my dad. I am glad that I can now combine my knowledge and experience to help other growers achieve great results and to stand out.”  To contact Pedro, please see below

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Pedro Torres Plaza