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100% Biodegradable Paper Weed Block

Prevent weeds and boost production…naturally.


WeedGuardPlus® is a natural weed-controlling vegetable and garden mulch made from cellulose fibers. It offers growers a high-quality, cost-effective replacement for plastic mulches.

Our unique formulation is designed for complete weed suppression, optimum plant growth, ease of use for all sizes of commercial operation, and environmental responsibility.

  • Made from 100% biodegradable paper that slowly decomposes as the season progresses
  • Can be worked into the soil, eliminating the need for retrieval and disposal
  • Utilises eco-effective, renewable resources
  • 100% opaque: no light gets through so weeds can’t grow
  • Porous, allowing water, air and nutrients to pass through
  • Durable enough to withstand heavy rainstorms
  • Can help reduce erosion and moderate soil temperatures
  • Gives plants an earlier and healthier start


High Tunnels & Hoop Houses


Hoop houses and high tunnels provide ideal growing conditions – not only for plants, but for weeds, too! Once they blow in through open doors or piggy-back on plants or equipment, they can thrive. They’ll compete with your crops for nutrients, moisture and space.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution, rule out black plastic and chemical herbicides. And manual weeding is both expensive and time-consuming.

WeedGuardPlus is biodegradable paper weed block is effective, affordable, and especially well-suited to high tunnel and hoop house growing.


Overhead Watering. Unlike black plastic, which requires drip irrigation, porous WeedGuardPlus allows for overhead watering. It’s specifically formulated to maintain its integrity even when wet.

Healthy Root Development. Its porous nature also allows for healthy root development, unlike black plastic that can “cook” roots, especially with the elevated temperatures of controlled growing environments.

100% Biodegradable. WeedGuardPlus slowly decomposes over the course of the growing season. After you harvest, it can be incorporated right into the soil, adding beneficial organic matter. What’s more, you save on the costs of removing and disposing of black plastic.

Production Agriculture:
Conventional & Organic


Improve your yields.


Healthier Plants. Crops planted with WeedGuardPlus get off to a healthy start without competition from weeds. Early in the season, the material warms the soil, helping plants establish faster.

WeedGuardPlus effectively suppresses annual and perennial weeds, conserves soil moisture and can be applied manually or by machine. It’s the renewable alternative to conventional black plastic mulches. You benefit from the same performance, without the costs and hassles of removal and disposal.

Saves Time and Money. Biodegradable WeedGuardPlus adds valuable organic matter back into the soil as it decomposes.

Likewise, you completely eliminate the need for and costs of chemical herbicides or hand weeding.

Finally, unlike black plastic, which requires drip irrigation, porous WeedGuardPlus lets you take advantage of natural rainwater, for even greater savings. Overhead watering is also an option. WeedGuardPlus is specifically formulated to maintain its integrity even when wet, slowly degrading over the course of the growing season.

Landscaping & Habitat Restoration


Weeds and invasive plants are the bane of every landscaper, whether in a small backyard or large park. Hand weeding takes endless amounts of time. Controlling invasive species is nearly impossible. Chemical herbicides are toxic. WeedGuardPlus gives landscapers a safe, effective, eco-friendly alternative.

Saves Time and Money. You can even apply WeedGuardPlus right over existing weeds or invasive plant roots, and smother them with a single stroke.

Promotes Healthy Plants. WeedGuardPlus allows plants to establish without competition from weeds. What’s more, because the material is porous, it’s easy for water and nutrients to reach plant roots. And unlike black plastic, roots aren’t “cooked,” allowing them to support healthy plant growth.

Provides Lasting Protection. Durable WeedGuardPlus lasts until your landscape plants are well-established and can crowd out weeds on their own. It maintains its integrity when wet, and gradually decomposes as your plants establish, adding beneficial organic matter to the soil. For over 12 months of weed protection, use a double layer of WeedGuardPlus.

Grade Selection

Organic Heavy Weight Rolls give maximum durability. Available in a variety of widths and lengths.
Organic Heavy Weight Crepe Rolls have built-in expansion ribs that conform easily to uneven terrain. Available in a variety of widths and lengths.
Organic Heavy Weight Squares and Circles include center holes and slits, so they slip around existing shrubs, small trees and berry plants.

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