Pot Stands / Crop Lifters

Designed to ensure the drainage area gains luminosity and airflow, result-ing in the roots taking hold themselves. Replaces paving stones and bricks, facilitates handling. Prevents areas of dead roots in the middle, which often appear with the use of bricks.

Suitable for GoldenGrow Easyplanter (30x30x30cm) & Berrypot 40 

Resistance: 180kg
Diameter: 30cm
Frame: 30 x 30
Height: 5cm

The footings are light in weight and quick to incorporate thus making labour much less intensive.



Diameter: 29 cm

Total elevation: 6 cm



Diameter: 30 cm

Total elevation: 4 cm

Our pot stands or bag elevator is specially designed for coir bags. They are robust and resistant thanks to its material and its UV treatment. It allows a greater air flow around the base of the holder and allows increased luminosity, which, in the drainage area, leads to self-induced root pruning. It also improves drainage.

Its light weight makes it easy to handle when in use. Avoid dead areas in the centre of the root ball, common when paving stones or bricks are used. They are stackable pieces, which allows for better storage when they are not being used.

Blueberry plants have a shallow root system which is very sensitive to lack of moisture, without enough water serious problems can occur, such as dwarf growth, lower yields and in the worst case even entire bushes can die.

On the other hand blueberries don’t like soggy soil, therefore planting blueberries in bags with elevated footings allows for such habitat regulations of water and proper water-air characteristics of the soil to be achieved more easily, with constant air circulation. This in turn helps avoiding incurable disease of root system, healthier and stronger plants, and in the end higher yields of great tasting blueberries.

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