What is Peat Bed?

Peat Bed is a new and innovative poultry, dairy and dry stock cattle bedding material that has been specially formulated. The Peat Bed products are made from super dry, super fine peat that is blended with a liming agent. The peat is harvested from peat fields using specially designed machinery. The peat is then brought to our factory where it is screened to obtain the optimum particle size and then mixed with a liming agent. Peat Bed can be delivered in semi bulk bags.

  • Keep the animal clean
  • Maintain a healthy environment
  • Creature comfort
  • Cost effective
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to spread
  • Easily Stored

One tonne bags of Peat Bedding are available to be delivered nationwide!

Benefits of Peat Bedding


Keeps Animals Dry

Of all of the available bedding materials, peat has the highest absorbency factor with the ability to absorb up to 10 times its own weight. The Super Fine particle size of Peat Bed allows for maximum coverage in a cubicle shed thereby keeping the cows dry and comfortable.


Cost Effective

Peat is harvested during the summer months and stored under cover until required. Peat Bed is then manufactured on a large scale using its own dedicated screening, mixing and production line. Producing large volumes is key to reducing the cost per unit. This helps makes Peat Bed the most cost effective material.


Safe To Use

Peat is a natural product with no toxins or contaminants. There is no risk of any foreign objects getting into the product, which may be harmful to animals. From a farmer’s point of view, the product is very clean, dry and easy to handle and very easy to work with when spreading on cubicles.


Easy To Spread

Due to its very fine particle size, the peat remains suspended in the slurry when in a tank, therefore it is easy to extract from the tank and to spread on the land. With its high pH and soil conditioning characteristics, the use of Peat Bed adds value to the slurry for spreading on land.

Peat Bedding for Dairy Stock

Peat Bedding for Dry Stock

Peat Bedding for Poultry

Peat Bedding for Horses

Peat Gets Thumbs Up as Horse Bedding

Author: Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA  I  Source: www.thehorse.com

Peat might not be the prettiest bedding for your horse’s stall, but new study results suggest that it might be better for his health than wood shavings.

Finnish researchers recently determined that peat bedding releases less ammonia into the environment and horses (and humans) show fewer signs of respiratory problems compared to when wood shavings are used. The horses’ hooves also have a better moisture content.

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