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Citrus Blend Upright Grow Bags

The young citrus starts are grown in a FibreDust special “citrus” blend coir substrate. Coir is known as a superior seedling and cutting substrate that facilitates strong root systems and healthy plants.

The custom coconut coir fiber blend is re-hydrated in a large hopper by pallet load and a proprietary blend of nutrients is added to the mix.


Size: Upright Bag with Compressed Coir Block
Media fills bag when hydrated
Water-Holding Capacity: 7-8 times
Air-Filled Porosity: 10% – 12%
pH: 5.8 to 6.8
Compression Ratio: 5:1
Moisture Content: <20%
High Pith/ Fibre
Shipping Details
Pallet QTY 3 gal: 500
Pallet QTY 5 gal: 300
40′ HC QTY 40 pallets

Citrus Nursery Trees Grown In Coir

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