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Compaqpeat Terraerden Cannabis is pH balanced and provides the optimum base for achieving professional results. With Terraerden Cannabis the EC and pH values don’t need to be measured. Organic mediums and nutrients are not made up of mineral salts but organically bound elements, which are not measurable. The medium has a natural pH which will keep the soil in balance by itself.

Perlite is included in different sizes and quantities to make for a more porous mixture. Wetting agents are used to assist break up the surface pressure of the water and wet the mix more equally with irrigation. A beginner charge of fertilizer is usually put into an EC of about 1. 5 to produce enough nourishment for the first few days of development.

The finest quality cannabis will always be produced without chemicals in soil. Hydroponics systems with manufactured nutritional formulations may produce much better yields, but they will never touch the quality of the very best soil grown natural and organic cannabis. Besides the quality matter, there are plenty of factors to choose soil over hydroponics.

The finest quality peat moss comes in long strands, which translate into more air spaces in the root zone. One of the better by-products of making top quality peat mixes is an large quantity of peat dust and microscopic peat fibres. It’s this that soilless mixes sold in garden centres are made with. The problem with this is that the small fibres compact too closely and usually do not let as much air into the root area as a higher grade would.

Terraerden Cannabis


White Sphagnum Peat, Black Sphagnum Peat & Perlite

Available Sizes

Bags  250ltr / 6 cbm
(From October 2018 we can ship 144m³ / 12 meter HC)

Chemical Characteristics

pH (CaCl2): 5.3-5.7

Fertilizer(g/l): 1.2 NPK + TE

EC(ms/cm): 1.0 – 1.5

Wetting Agent Added

Nutritional Value

Nitrogen (mg N/l): 140-210
Phosphorus (mg P₂O₅/l) 160-240
Potassium (mg K₂O/l) 180-270
*including all necessary trace elements including Microcomplex Fe 250 gr


Black Peat H6-H8

Fine screened material for vegetable, young plants or mushroom cultivation


White Peat H2-H4, 0-20mm

Fine screened material for generic multiplication soils. Seedlings and cutting young plants. Small cultivation pots: 6cm until 10cm.


Block Peat H2-H4, 20-40mm

Special screened material for elite material and stock plants. Container and baskets.


White Peat H2-H4, 0-40mm

Middle screened material for potting soils.
Pots from 10cm until 14 cm.


White Peat H2-H4, 10-30 mm

Screened material for soil additive.
Pots from 14cm until 18cm.Containers and stock plants10cm.


White Peat H2-H4, +40 F

Screened material with fibers.
For containers and cut flowers substrates.

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