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Environmental/Water Crisis/Water Recycling

A Crisis Far Bigger than Eskom

by Acqua Dall ‘Aria  The National Water and Sanitation Master Plan is sombre reading.  Vast stretches of the Northern, Eastern and Western Cape are still experiencing severe drought conditions. The taps are drying up.  Eskom’s debt mountain – R419 billion and growing – is a significant threat to the country’s fiscal strength. Some would argue that it is the single…

Berry Farming

Nobody wants to take the risk with unwashed bags

Washed growbags, super washed? What does it mean and why do some growers prefer these bags? We asked Rafael Bolinches of Projar about it; his company supplies washed and unwashed growbags to growers all over the world. “Leamington is an important area for us in regards to washed growbags, there is no grower that wants to take the risk with…

Berry Farming

Projar GoldenGrow Easyplanter – Farm South Africa

Projar Golden Grow Easy Planter is an excellent growing medium consisting of coco peat. Lichen Group is now the proud distributor for this amazing growing medium in Africa. Here are some images from the Madikwe Berry farm. You may ask why you should use coco peat as a growing medium, and specifically why the South African farmer should choose our…