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What is the coir fiber lifetime? Could it be recycled?

The coir fiber can be recycled after having been used for its initial purpose. It is an organic material that have positive benefits even after its used in the crop. It has been proved that the coir fiber reusing release beneficial microbes that are present in the medium, such as mycorrhiza and trichoderma. These compounds spread greater potential for growth…

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How to disinfect coir fibre incorporated to soil when the cultivation is finished

One of the practices in horticultural production is to incorporate coir fibre to the soil. This agronomic solution improves the physical and chemical conditions of soil avoiding problems generated by the lack of organic material. Once the production season has ended is important to disinfect the coir fibre before preparing again the soil for a new production. It is important…

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Have you ever heard of Hydroponics? It’s been gaining popularity recently, but it’s far from a ‘new’ technique of cultivation, where crops are grown in just water. No soil, no pots, no other substrates involved. Many ancient civilizations have utilized it throughout history, so it’s hardly a new technique.