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Golden Grow Blueberry Easyplanter

High-quality coconut fibre in ready-to-use individual packaging. Composed of our Golden Grow Hydroponics Premium coconut blend. Thanks to this composition, it is ideal for blueberry cultivation due to its high aeration capacity, avoiding stress caused by root asphyxiation, and at the same time, providing the plant with a reserve of water for critical moments of stress caused by to high temperatures.Facilitates crop management, pH control and electrical conductivity.It comes either in 800 gauge plastic bags with a 5-year warranty and high number of drainage points to facilitate moisture control and washing of salts or without the plastic liner, allowing it to be placed in pots with the same dimensions.


Excellent sifting/screening for removal of finer particles
Its chip content guarantees good drainage throughout its useful life
To aid with correct positioning and to save labour, it can be supplied with a hole for an irrigation dripper
Homogeneous and uniform product
100% natural, renewable and recyclable material
Sustainable product
In-house production. OMRI organic quality certificate

Golden Grow Hydroponics Balance Easyplanter

Special product for growing individual plants. It is ready and easy to use. It reduces risk of contaminating media. Mainly used for hydroponic growing under greenhouse conditions.

This composition is perfect for warm climates with periods of high solar radiation combined with other cold temperatures and low solar radiation.

Frequency/Irrigation cycles: medium-low.


Electric Conductivity: Natural – 1,5-2,5 mS/cm (Sonneveld 1:1,5 v/v)  / 2,0-4,0 mS/cm (Saturated paste) Washed: ≤ 1,0 mS/cm (Sonneveld 1:1,5 v/v) / ≤ 1,5 mS/cm (Saturated paste)
pH: 5,5-6,2 (Sonneveld 1:1,5 v/v)
Water Air Ratio: Balanced, Vegetative-Generativet
Packaging (cm):

Golden Grow Blend Medium Chips (5kg Blocks)

This growing media comes from the mesocarp of the coconut and is intended for hydroponics and/or substrate. Homogeneous product that enables higher yield (expanded kilograms per liter) with a guaranteed quality. This product is available in blocks and briquettes.


Size: 5kg Blocks
Compressed size (cm): 28 x 28 x 15 cm
Composition: 73% Cocopeat + 20% Chips + 70% Fiber Content
Structure: Cocopeat: 0-4 mm. Fiber content: 2-4 mm
PH: 5,5-6,2 (Sonneveld 1:1,5 v/v)
Hydrated yield: 15 l (± 1 L) per Kg
70-80 l por unidad de 5 Kg
Packaging: 240 Blocks/pallet. Units per 40´ HC (20pallets 23-24Tn): 4.800 Blocks
Palletised, wrapped in stretched film and strapped for better stability

Compaqpeat Premium Blend + Perlite Coarse

Our Berry Blends are to be made to customer’s specifications.

Use our product Compaqtpea Blueberry Premium Blend if the aeration for the roots of your plants plays a major role. It has a larger content of sod peat / white sphagnum peat and is coarser than our standard product to increase the air capacity.

Also suitable as a component to mix it with your soil to improve the aeration. Soil blend science has proved that adding coconut coir to the mix improves aerability, drainage and moisture retention.

The pH and EC can be adjusted according to your special needs.


White Sphagnum Peat, Coarse Perlite

Available Sizes

Big Bales 6.0m³
(From October 2018 we can ship 144m³ / 12 meter HC)

Chemical Characteristics

ph (H2O): 4.0-5.0
Fertiliser (g/l): 0.5 NPK +TE
EC (ms/cm): 0.4-0.6

Nutritional Value

Nitrogen (mg N/I): 56-84
Phosphorus (mg P2O5 /1): 64-96
Potassium (mg K2O /1: 72-108

The most popular blend for mixing in soil is 0-40mm coarse Baltic White Peat.

White Peat H2-H4, 10-30 mm
Screened material for soil additive
Pots from 14cm until 18cm.Containers
and stock plants.

White Peat H2-H4, 0-40mm
Middle screened material for potting
soils.Pots from 10cm until 14 cm.

Block Peat H2-H4, 20-40mm
Special screend material for elite material
and stock plants. Container and baskets.

White Peat H2-H4, +40 F
Screened material with fibers.
For containers and cut flowers substrates

Black Peat H6-H8
Fine screened material for vegetable,
young plants or mushroom

White Peat H2-H4, 0-20mm
Fine screened material for generic
multiplication soils.
Seedlings and cutting young plants.
Small cultivation pots: 6cm until 10cm.

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